Alex Cabunoc
Alex Cabunoc

About Me

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The way I design has been shaped by a variety of influences throughout my life. My father was a shop teacher who instilled an appreciation for craft and creation. My previous degree in metal sculpture showed me how to bring thoughts to reality. Living and traveling around the world  exposed me to different cultures and viewpoints. And a promising career in marketing challenged me to rise above obstacles and work as part of a larger whole. But it was losing my mother to cancer that galvanized my decision to return to school to pursue my dream of industrial design. I realized how short and precious life is and I wanted to honor my mother's life by also living mine to fullest potential. It’s been in industrial design that I’ve finally found how to bring all these points in my life together and focus them into purpose. 

For me, design, at the most fundamental level, is about problem solving. As a designer, I strive for those magical moments when research and experience spark to become innovation and impact. I see the role of a designer as being both archaeologist and alchemist: To identify the hidden connections between the challenge and idea that create the most novel solutions; to find these opportunities. For me, design begins long before pencil ever hits paper. It begins with the spark.